What We Do

Save on Homes is the most flexible firm that you can find when it comes to financing your homes. We match what you can afford. We see to it that there is something that we can offer you to ensure that whatever happens, you will be able to get the home you want. Check out what we can do for you alongside with the different loan options.

Interest Rate Reduction for Low-Income Borrowers

We all know that not all homeowners have the same income bracket. If an individual belongs to the low-income range, things will be harder, so we see to it that we have the right program specific for their needs.

First Time Home Financing Program

We have a special offer to first time home buyers that will meet the requirements based on the gross income and the amount of the property they are getting. There will be a low-interest guarantee up to a possible tax exemption.

Refinancing Assistance Program

We all know that refinancing is not easy to acquire, but with our help, refinancing can be an easy deed. There will be assistance provided to make things easier for the homeowner.