The Top 4 Documents You Will Need For A Mortgage Application

If you want to have a mortgage loan approved, there are things that you need to prepare. If you want to have the approval that you are trying to acquire, you will have a better chance of getting it if all necessary documents are ready. Here are the things that you have to prepare.

  1. Identification

It is the first thing that you should have because, without it, you can’t even go for the first step. Prepare you Social Security Number, Driver’s License, and other things that will prove of who you are. People who are not yet citizens can still get the home financing, but there has to be proof that there is intent to stay in the country and documents to have it supported.

  1. Tax records

A record for your tax returns will be required so make sure to have it prepared as well as bank records. The lending firm would need to check the income you have for at least the past six months.

  1. Assets and Liabilities

The properties you own should be available as well as the liabilities you have. Everything has to be declared because the interests will be calculated accordingly based on these.

  1. Credit Report

The last but clearly not the least is the credit report. It can make or break the loan you are applying for. The higher your credit score is, the cheaper your interest can be. It is not definite, though. Even if you have a perfect score on your credit report, it doesn’t guarantee you the lowest rate possible.

If you have all these documents ready, don’t waste time and apply for home financing so you can get a quote and choose the best deal they can offer you. These documents can bring you a long way so make sure to get everything ready.